The new networking world of Clubhouse and why our digital profile is more important than ever.


The new Clubhouse world has opened our eyes that networking is here and it is here to stay. In this Apple Iphone only app, you can literally network in an “audio environment only” 24 hours a day.  The level of ambition demonstrated by the users is surprisingly refreshing as entrepreneurs’ banter and brainstorm all day and deep into the dark hours of the night on topics ranging from social media, marketing strategy and millionaire mindsets.  My fave Clubhouse of the week? The “Verified Engagement Group” hosted by Tyler Star. (Follow tylerstar on IG) This group mirrors the “Entrepreneurial Elevation strategy (“EES)” that I have been professing in my networking group for the last year.  In short, everyone in the Clubhouse follows each other on Instagram and likes, comments and shares their most recent post on IG to build views and help everyone “go viral”.  As David Goodman, Member in the Laws of Life Networking Group has pointed out at several recent meetings, the EES on his recent Linked In post actually scored him a closed corporate client in Ireland as a result of receiving over 1000 views on his post after the EES at the Laws of Life Networking Group.  The key to the Clubhouse strategy and EES overall is that your digital profile has to be perfect.  It’s an absolute must to have a detailed on your IG bio. I will be teaching how to do this and how to leverage the linktree at the 90 minute Business Development Secrets with Stephene Klein and I on Thursday February 4, 2021 at 6:30 pm.  You need to join our 5K to benefit EBLB to score a ticket to this seminar.  But for $38 bucks, it’s a no-brainer – here’s the link.


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