Social Media Packs

The Laws of Life Team will promote your digital personality by promoting your company on the social media channels of your choice.  The Team works with all social media channels and will design interesting and compelling content to reflect the core values of your company and build your community following.  By developing your following, your company will also create committed and long term clientele.

ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGES have the following components:

(1) One on One STRATEGY session with a SENIOR Laws of Life Strategist to:

  •  Plan your social media strategy
  •  Brainstorm on competitions to attract followers
  •  Design lead magnet ideas

(2) Custom design art for your social media graphics and Copywriting for the posts to accompany the artwork.

  •  All packages include graphic design
  •  You can upgrade to video packs and so many more creative ways to build your social media platform

(3)  Multiple social media channels

  •  Your custom designs will be posted for you to multiple social media channels depending upon which package you choose

(4) Upgrade your package with:

  •  Blog posts
  •  Webcast appearances
  •  Press Releases
  •  Creative vehicles to shine a light on your brand