Coaching in Action hosted by Sunny Arfa & Blanca

Sunny Arfa has devoted her life’s path to expanding the light of true healing. It is her mission to nourish others and help them achieve their own self- realization and perfect wellness.

Sunny is an Educator, Speaker, Spiritual Advisor, Life Transformational Coach and provides many tools for Activation of Spirit and Balancing Energy within. She provides Energy healing through Yoga, Breath-work, Kundalini, Meditation and Sound Vibrational Healing.

If you are ready to take your own journey of personal growth to the next level, it helps to have a guide who has already made the trip.

Sunny's Credentials:
  • Bachelor of Science in Teaching
  • Success Trainer of AKMF
  • Yoga Instructor EYT 500 hrs.
  • Yoga Instructor 2(200 hrs.)
  • 20 Years of Experience
  • Meditation Coach
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Author | Speaker


Call Sunny now! 1-855-FEEL GR8