Laws of Life Kid's Webcasting Coaching Club

The Webcasting Coaching Club is a phenomenal opportunity for a child ages 8 to 18 to receive group coaching in the areas of webcasting.  

Members of this program receive the following benefits:

  • 60 minutes of Group Coaching Per Week led by a Laws of Life Strategist.  Group will conduct visionary brainstorming on: (1) Webcast Creation (2) Segment Breakdowns (3) Script Writing (4) Review and Open Critique of Fellow Webcaster's Shows  and (5) Homework and Webcast Accountability (6) PowerPoint training so webcasters can graphically design their webcasts.
  • During the 90 day program, all members help to create a production or multiple productions of Laws of Amazing Kids that is livestreamed to The Laws of Life with Blanca Business Facebook Page.
  • This is a unique program that provides an extremely authentic community to be educated about writing, webcasting, collaborate with other webcasters and create on-camera confidence and preparation for ultimate pilot production if so desired. There will be many surprises during this group.
  • The Group meets every Sunday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm Eastern Time Zone.  At times, the group will have "bonus" sessions or "rehearsals" to prepare for shows.  The "bonus" sessions are not mandatory but intended to enrich the experience of the webcasters as their schedules permit.