Fired Up Show Description and Segments

Blanca is the Senior Producer, Host of the Fired Up with Blanca Show!  This is a 1 hour show with 8 segments brought to you by True Oldies Radio Station 95.9 and 106.9 FM Treasure Coast.

Segment 1            Hell and Back                             Hosted by Blanca

In the Hell and Back segment, Blanca interviews guests that have been to "hell and back" and asks them about their "laws of life" along the way.  

Segment 2            Silver Linings Segment             Hosted by Stephene Klein

Stories that allow listeners to glean serendipitously insightful messages of encouragement, even when they least expect it.  


Segment 3            Fired Up with Love                     Hosted by Rochelle 

Relationship Coach Rochelle Schwartz and Blanca happily analyze issues of love, romance, sex, dating and everything in between.  

Segment 4            Laws of Investing                       Hosted by Greg Weldon

Greg is a market Gold-Guru.  As an expert in this market for 37 years, and a highly recognized host, he will give us laws of investing to succeed.

Segment 5            Laws of Nutrition                        Hosted by Pamela Fox

Pamela Fox Leonard has 30 years experience in health and wellness and digs for the root cause of physical stresses and teaches us how to eat!

Segment 6            Laws of Functional Fitness        Hosted by Karina Barovic

Karina Braun Barovic is a human movement and pain specialist. In the bodywork and yoga therapy field for over 20 years, she will teach fitness right. 

Segment 7           Life from Grand Lagoon             Hosted by Marta Thorpe

As Publisher of Grand Lagoon Life Magazine, Marta will serve as the North Florida Lifestyle Correspondent reporting on life from Panama City Beach.

Segment 8            Laws of Sun Safe Livin'                 Hosted by Cheryl

Cheryl Capobianco,inventor of the Tiki Hat preventing melanoma, will be educating our community on how to live safely in the sun and still enjoy.

Blanca's Back Story or WHY FIRED UP GOT STARTED:  "I was a lawyer for 25 years.  An extremely experienced lawyer at that.  I always worked hard, showed up on time, and started out as a public defender for 3 years.  Did about 30 jury trials. Won misdemeanor lawyer of the year.  Was doing pretty good.  Then I got married, had two fantastic kids, Leah and Elliot.  Pressing the fast forward button, I then became head of litigation for Ocwen and I managed every litigation attorney in the country, designed a bunch of processes and procedures and got a lot of management experience. After Ocwen, I became a partner in a law firm and then eventually opened my own law firm called Greenstein and Associates.  Well, the first mistake I made was – never do business with family.  Not a good idea.  I let my husband at the time become the CFO and he hired a bookkeeper by the name of Rose Cebollero.  I thought it was enough that I flew around the country attending conferences and acquiring new clients every week.  Boy was I wrong.  Rose wound up stealing $190,000 from my trust account. Within 1 hour, we reported it to the Florida Bar and within 48 hours, I borrowed the money from my brothers and funded the money that was stolen.  Unfortunately, even taking these curative actions was not enough.  Rose turned out to be a convicted felon, a fact I never knew and my license with the Bar was suspended for 3 years on July 29, 2019. I had to decide – What did I want to do with my life?  What was I even good at besides practicing law?  And it occurred to me, I love to interview people and had been doing my webcast Laws of Life for 4 years.  I opened up the Laws of Life company, started a digital marketing agency, and started inviting other webcasters to join my webcast network.  I started coaching, consulting and building my company.  I learned graphic design, video editing, video production, scripting, screen writing, public relations and social media strategization – I started from the ground up.  And yes, it sounds pretty hard right?  And yeah, there were days that felt like hell.  But now, I realize that when one door closes, another one opens and I feel I have made a comeback and I am living my dream to be a talk show host and be a part of the True Oldies family.  So, I decided to name my segment- THE HELL AND BACK segment, to tell stories of people that have been to hell and back, and then made a comeback. Just like me.  And I hope their stories, along with mine, inspire you to remember that – you are never alone.  We always have each other.  And we must never ever stop – staying FIRED UP!"

Because community counts.  Watch me, and all my amazing co-hosts, every Wednesday night at 6 pm for Fired Up with Blanca.