As an avid zoomer we host a weekly zoom event so we would love to invite you to our event to discuss your line and meet 50-70 entrepreneurs!

It is a networking opportunity and I can shine a light on you for 2-3 minutes!

The Guest of the Day will be: 

 (a) Promoted on social media for 7 days prior to the event on the Laws of Life Instagram page, Linked In and Facebook. 

 (b) The Guest of the Day will be TAGGED on all posts with 3 custom designed graphics to announce their appearance on guest of the day 

 (c) The Director of Communications will message Clubhouse participants on a daily basis for 7 days prior to the event promoting the Guest of the Day through Instagram 

(d) A Facebook event will be created to attract additional participants to the event  

(e) The Guest of the Day will be the Pitch Judge of the Pitch Competition and offer feedback  

(f) The Guest of the Day will be interviewed by Blanca in front of the LIVE audience  

(g) The number of attendees cannot be guaranteed but ranges between 50 and 70. 

(h) The Guest of the Day also gets an edited version of their interview too and can get the IMMEDIATE interview to share on their Facebook and You Tube page.  

(i)  Guest of the Day is also displayed on the VOTING website page of Laws of Life during the Pitch Competition.