Laws of Fashion Hosted by Andrea Sommerfield

Andrea Sommerfield is the official fashion stylist of the Laws of Life team. Her vision is to create your strategically sculpted image.

She has over 15 years of being a professional fashion stylist. Working hand in hand with her  beautiful mother in Ann Arbor Michigan, she has provided fashion consultation services to thousands of customers. She was also the owner of two high end fashion boutiques called Alexandra’s and Mrs. Rooney’s. Their boutiques carried exquisite lines of private manufacturers that were frequently discovered by department stores after we were the first to discover their designing talent. 

She has also produced fashion shows in private country clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Andrea has literally set the trends so high that I have had people from major cities like New York and Chicago calling us for special items that were featured during her fashion shows.

Andrea works with customers at all levels including entrepreneurs, actors, professional opera singers, celebrities, socialites and local professionals. Her true passion is to support entrepreneurs in creating their signature look in order to elevate their social media presence, their webcast or podcast exposure and their personality brands.