Laws of Marketing & Business Automation co-hosted by Gina St. George & Blanca

Gina St. George is the CEO of Business Results Systems, a company dedicated to creating business and automation solutions for companies looking to elevate their digital marketing strategy.  I

One day, Gina decided to trash everything she'd ever worked for in her life when she found herself alone, sitting on the floor of an empty condo with three cats.

Gina is originally from Chicago, but has lived in 8 different US states and traveled to 46.  In following parental advice to ‘be employable”, Gina received a degree in Chemical Engineering and later got an MBA in Finance.  Her formal education served her well working for 17 years in the chemical industry, and gave her many of the skills she uses now as a consultant – business process, systems, financial analysis & management.  However, she was a slave to her employer – a road warrior managing operations all over North America and working on mergers & acquisitions.

After getting divorced at 36 (for the second time), Gina felt like a big loser and  wanted to find a way to enjoy life before it passed her by – while also having a growing and thriving business.  Everyone thought she was crazy when she exited her “great career”. (She was the only woman in the building with a door, mahogany furniture, and a brass name plate. She had stock options and traveled on the corporate jet.)  But she knew she needed a change.

So Gina joined 2 small businesses, systemized them so that they didn’t need her and sold one to a multi-national corporation using her M&A skills.  

Today, Gina helps small business owners, professional service providers, and independent sales agents with business strategy and implementation that enables them to create a growing, thriving business that they can sell for maximum value – or keep and enjoy. Her #1 Law of Life -  "No business success is success unless you also have family, relationships, and rich life experiences."