Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Art of SEO is getting Google to Fall in Love with You:

The Laws of Life Team will work with your website in order to help you achieve the following SEO Results:

  • Upper Ranking on SEO: The key is to create relationships through the networking process to build your back links and your community connection.  There is no one that does this better than the Laws of Life Team.
  • Director of SEO Division: The SEO Director that reports to the Chief Managing Marketing Strategist has over 15 years of SEO experience and has managed over 100 digital marketing agents during his career.
  • Website Triage: The SEO Director will analyze the core elements of your website to create an online campaign that translates into keyword popularity and creates increased visibility and customers for your business.
  • Optimization of your Website: The SEO Director will translate the content, blogs, and substance of your brand and clearly set you apart in the online market.
  • Monthly Reporting: You will receive a monthly report from your SEO Director.

SEO Pricing:

The Laws of Life Team will work with you to create a customized budget that fits your wallet.  All clients receive a complimentary report at their initial complimentary consultation.