Webcasting is a phenomenal way to demonstrate your expertise in your field and connect with your audience.

   Webcasting also increases your social media engagement.

The Laws of Life Webcast Network has extensive experience producing customized webcasts for our clients so that they can be the stars that they are!

Webcast Coaching Club

$300 Per Month

1 - 1 (30 minute) shows per week.  Additional shows are $50 per show. 

 2 - One cover promotion for your show and 3 segment covers for your show. 

 3 - 90 minutes of group coaching every week which is held on Wednesdays from 11 am to 12:30 pm but times are subject to change depending on trainer. 

One on One Coaching

 $250 Per Hour

Blanca is available during the week and on weekends to better serve her customers.  Customer service is key and always happy to help!