About Your Talk Show Host, Blanca

Blanca Irene Perper Greenstein has a lot of names but she prefers to just be called "Blanca".  Blanca is the Founder of Laws of Life, LLC, a company dedicated to empowering and energizing individuals through media and entertainment solutions.  She is also the host of Laws of Life Talk which is broadcast weekly.  Blanca was a lawyer for 25 years and served as a trial lawyer (voted Lawyer of the Year at the Public Defender's Office), head of litigation for a publicly traded corporation, partner of two major law firms and is also an inventor of a fully patented custom built email management program called Ingate which she invented to process high volumes of corporate email. Blanca's passion is to produce talk shows on a variety of topics and leverage her webcast audience to educate and empower her audience.  Blanca produces 8 webcasts per week.  The collective audience of the Laws of Life Team reaches almost 74,000 followers in South Florida.  Blanca also believes in the power of networking and also hosts a weekly networking event attended by business owners nationwide.  Blanca is a superior public speaker that fires up her audience and motivates her listeners to be the best person they can possibly be.  As a lawyer, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a motivator, Blanca is a force to be reckoned with and appears as a speaker at events world wide.


Press Inquiries/Speaking Engagements to Blanca's Agent:  Sunny Arfa, Director of Public Relations, Tel:  (702) 553-6819