Be the Speaker of the Day
Be the Speaker of the Day

Be the Speaker of the Day

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Create your own audience and elevate your message! We invite you to be our Speaker of the Day.  The cost is only $500.00 and includes the following:

(1)  You will be announced on Facebook and Instagram as the Speaker of the event 4 times on social media.  4 times BEFORE EVENT and 1 time AFTER the event to thank you and discuss the elements of your speech.  The first post will be a spotlight on you, your business or mission and a graphically designed invitation inviting all of your friends and the entire Laws of Life audience to watch your speech.

(2)  You will be tagged in 3 LIVE FEEDS of the 3 webcasts broadcast on Tuesdays.

(3)  Non-alcoholic beveridges and snacks will be purchased and provided on your behalf.

(4)  You will be a guest on any webcast of your choice on this day.  The Laws of Love, The Puzzle Pieces or The Laws of Life!

(5)  You will have 30 minutes to speak and present your speech.  Projector provided at no extra charge.

Join the empowerment conversation and be a part of it.

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