Be the Sponsor of the Day
Be the Sponsor of the Day

Be the Sponsor of the Day

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Put yourself in the spotlight! We invite you to be our Sponsor of the Day.  The cost is only $100.00 and includes the following:

(1)  You will be announced on Facebook and Instagram as the Sponsor of the 3 times.  2 times BEFORE EVENT and 1 time AFTER the event to thank you.

(2)  You will be tagged in 3 LIVE FEEDS of the 3 webcasts broadcast on Tuesdays.

(3)  Non-alcoholic beveridges and snacks will be purchased and provided on your behalf.

(4)  You will be a guest on any webcast of your choice on this day.  The Laws of Love, The Puzzle Pieces or The Laws of Life!

(5)  You will have 5 minutes to speak and discuss your business.

Join the empowerment conversation and be a part of it.

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