How to Become a "Diamond Sponsor" or an HONORARY SPONSORSHIP for a Future Laws of Life Mastermind

Thank you for taking the time to review this email about applying to be a Diamond Sponsor of the Laws of Life Women’s Mastermind.  Please let me also introduce you to Marta Rose-Thorpe, my Mastermind Partner. The opportunity to be a Diamond Sponsor is extremely rare and must be approved in writing by the Laws of Life team.  It is an honorary sponsorship that has no fees (yes, that’s right – it doesn’t cost you a penny) but it does carry with it specific social obligations which are described below in detail.  If you are selected to be a Diamond Sponsor, then you will requested to sign an agreement authorizing the Laws of Life team to market your company in connection to the Mastermind and to honor the requirements of this special “no-fee” social sponsorship. 

The Mastermind is a complex event that has many different angles to it. It will be conducted in 6-8 cities this year. It can be conducted in any city in the world. It is an event, for women only, specifically designed to empower, enlighten and engage entrepreneurial women with motivational dynamite.  The format is unique and different from any other Mastermind you have ever attended. It is a two hour event intended to have from 75-150 attendees.

Unique Agenda of Event: The agenda is as follows:

1 hour of networking and 1 hour of a live show hosted by professional speakers and seasoned entrepreneurs Blanca Greenstein Marta Rose-Thorpe.  The show consists of three parts or “motivational sections” or “motivational moments” each with a specific theme or “law of life” that will be discussed.  At the recent Mastermind, the three motivational moments were (1) Starting a new career – how to get the electricity to charge the transition  (2) The Importance of Narrowing your Niche  and (3)  Entrepreneurial Health.  Marta kicks off the conversation by discussing the motivational moment for 15 minutes.  Blanca then provides the applicable Law of Life and the conversation is then opened up to the audience for an extremely interactive conversation about the topic.  After each moment, a live guest is interviewed by Blanca for 5 minutes who’s life and business experience specifically ties to the motivational moment and is a specific example of entrepreneurial success.  The timing of this event is carefully controlled and it is a fast-paced, spontaneous and extremely engaging and inspiring atmosphere for everyone in the audience.   It is powerful and the attendees of this event are sure to leave this event feeling inspired, motivated and empowered.  Raffle prizes provided by local businesses are also disbursed after each live guest.  Pictures & video of the recent Mastermind can be viewed on “The Laws of Life with Blanca” on Facebook.

During the networking hour, the first round of wine, champagne and soft drinks are complimentary which are also served along with an elegant appetizer buffet. Additionally, there is a glamour bar with make up artists so the attendees can have their make up done and then have their professional headshots taken by a professional photographer at no charge.  If they wish to purchase prints, they can do so directly through the photographer.

After the program concludes, each attendee will receive a Laws of Life tote bag filled with swag from the gift bag sponsors.  Pictures of the tote bags are attached.

Format of the Room: The entire event takes place in one banquet room in a professional business venue or hotel depending on availability and the chairs are set up theater style.  At the front of the room, there is a “talk show” format showing two arm chairs, a coffee table and “the Laws of Life” banner as the backdrop.  The two co-hosts Blanca and Marta sit in those chairs during the motivational moments.  When the live interview begins, the live guest replaces Marta and is interviewed in front of the live audience which is also very exciting.  Pictures of a recent event are attached for your convenience.

When the guests arrived, they also approach a check in desk where there will be a receptionist to greet them, register them and provide them a name tag.

When the guests depart, they will also be provided a “Laws of Life” cloth tote swag bag that will include swag bag sponsors.

The Opportunity to be a “Diamond Sponsor”:  In order to qualify as a Diamond Sponsor, this extraordinary individual must possess a social network of acquaintances or business contacts of approximately 200 women who will be invited to the Mastermind.  The Diamond Sponsor, once approved will be given a very high level of accolades on all social media, invitations and at the event itself.    The Diamond sponsor is a “co-host” of the event along with the Laws of Life Company and will receive extensive social media attention through its status of being the co-producer of this event.  The goal is to further bolster the status of the Diamond Sponsor in the community and assist them in cultivating their existing connections and converting those contacts to future clients by educating them about the Diamond Sponsor’s influence directly and indirectly.

The Benefits of Being a Diamond Sponsor:

  • Designated as “Co-Host” of the Event and their Company Brand will be on all Social media invitations, Facebook invite, Eventbrite, Instagram and Linked In and will be an administrator on the invite so will be able to invite guests in the City that the event is taking place within.
  • The Diamond Sponsor will make a 2 minute speech and welcoming comments at the opening of the event and introduce Blanca Greenstein and Marta Rose-Thorpe or the speakers designated for this event.
  • Their photograph or logo (their choice) will be displayed on the Mastermind Event along with the photograph of Blanca Greenstein and Marta Rose-Thorpe.
  • The Diamond Sponsor’s Company Brand will also be on all the Social invites and related media  
  • The Diamond Sponsor will have an 8 minute live interview with Blanca prior to the Mastermind which will be posted on Facebook and Instagram
  • Diamond Sponsor will also receive an edited version of their Laws of Life interview ($1000 value),  for use and posting on their own social media outlets.
  • The Diamond Sponsor can place their company swag in the Laws of Life swag bag
  • The Diamond Sponsor will be featured in the Laws of Life website blog ( and if they have a product, the product can be placed into the ecommerce store at no charge
  • The Diamond Sponsor may display their Pop-up banner and table cover at the reception welcome desk of the event and place their branded printed media on the welcome desk and swag if they wish
  • If approved by the Laws of Life team and depending upon the budget of the geographical location, the Diamond Sponsor may select a charity or non-profit to receive a percentage of the proceeds of the ticket sales.
  • There is NO financial obligation or cost to being a Diamond Sponsor.  It is an honorary designation that has no fee but it does carry responsibilities.

The Duties of the Diamond Sponsor:

  • The Diamond Sponsor must dedicate approximately 4 to 6 hours per month for the 3 months preceding the event to assisting with the production of the Mastermind as the local entrepreneur and assist in the following ways:
    • Must produce a list of at least 200 female contacts (personally known to them) with names, phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses (if possible) to the Laws of Life team
    • Must allow the highly trained Laws of Life team to call and personally invite the guests
    • Must actively engage on social media and assist in promoting the event by:
      • Tagging  the invitees to the event on Facebook & Instagram
      • Sharing the Event on Facebook & Instagrram for at least three times a week for the 8 weeks prior to the prior to the event
      • Commenting on the Event at least three times a week for the 8 weeks prior to the event
  • The Diamond Sponsor must work hand in hand in a positive and engaged fashion with the Laws of Life team to assist in recommending venues, getting the word out and providing mailing addresses of the guests so that invitations can also be personally mailed to the attendees.  Postage will be paid by the Laws of Life team. 
  • The Diamond Sponsor must feel confident in their ability to secure the attendance of at least 50 guests.

Thank you for your potential interest in becoming a Diamond Sponsor and please find an application attached.

Please do not hesitate to call me anytime if you have any questions, comments or concerns or email me at to determine if you qualify to be a Diamond Sponsor in your special city today.

Blanca Greenstein

President of The Laws of Life, LLC

Direct: (561) 222-2222