Laws of Affirmation


Laws of Affirmation

Each morning, I speak my affirmations of life for the present, past and future. I  also "segment" my affirmations into various categories. The first affirmation category is called "my gifts." I literally run through the list of my gifts. In a sense, it is a gratitude ceremony thanking the universe for the gifts and talents that I possess. My gifts are:

  1. Talk show host
  2. Digital Marketing Strategist
  3. Copywriter
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Webcast Producer
  6. Podcast Producer
  7. Networking Expert
  8. People person
  9. A Person of Action
  10. Mother   

It is very interesting  because everyday, I actually discover that I have new gifts as new experiences and stories develop in my life. I  highly  suggest  that you  verbally  articulate  and appreciate your gifts every single day to remind your self that you are worthy and have value and therefore, purpose to succeed.  The second affirmation category is called "my self- love" segment. I stop and think - what can I do today to being myself true joy? How will I reward myself for being who I am? It could be as small as giving myself 5 minutes of meditation or purchasing a song on Spotify for $.99. Just something that says to you - I  love you. The third affirmation category is called "my  big  picture goals."  In this segment, I remind myself of my global goals on a personal and professional level. It's important to run through the agenda of your affirmation categories and incorporate them into your exercise or meditation routine. And I promise you will grow more than you ever have. Remember the law of affirmations and customize your own affirmation segments that will fuel the drive to your dreams!

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